Progress Consulting S.r.l. is an environmental consultancy established on 15 February 2002 by Rossella Soldi, agronomist, and Giuliana Torta, forester. PROGRESS is the Italian acronym for 'PROGettazione, Ricerca E Sviluppo Sostenibile', i.e. Projects, Research & Sustainable Development.  

Our services include:

   Expert Advice in Environment & Sustainable Development 

   Policy Analysis & Science-Policy Interface Input 

   Research, Data Gathering & Processing 

   Project Cycle Management, Performance & Impact Indicators

In particular, we provide management support at all stages of the project cycle management, from design to implementation; scientific excellence in both primary and secondary research activities; data gathering, processing and analysis; policy analytical review, with a focus on feeding into the science-policy interface; and multidisciplinary advice to both public and private sector clients on a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues across various sectors such as agriculture, forestry, rural development, fisheries & maritime, sustainable development, social affairs, climate change, energy, ICT, and health.

We are a dynamic, flexible and responsive company, professionally committed to provide our clients with good value and timely deliverables. Our competitiveness is based on a highly regarded reputation for providing quality and tailored services.

We are also committed to act honestly and responsibly, to be environmentally friendly and gender-sensitive.

Besides our in-house expertise, PROGRESS collaborates with external scientists, private consultants and academic bodies on a project basis.

Progress Consulting is based nearby Florence (Tuscany), Italy.           


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